The best new neighborhoods in europe

(photo: model of Le Plessis-Robinson, from wikipedia)

Yesterday I showed some examples of smart growth in Spain. Today, we’ll have an overview of  what’s happening all over europe, with the winners of the 2008 Philippe Rottier European Prize. Here they are:

Best Operation of Urban Renaissance in a suburban city – Plessis-Robinson, France
Best New City – Val d’Europe, Ile-de-France
Best Reconstruction of an Historic Center – Historisches Gesellschaft DresdenNeumarkt, Dresden, Germany
Best Reconstruction of a City Center – Palermo, Italy
Best New Village – Poundbury, Dorchester, UK
Best Public Intervention – Rathaus Viertel, Gladbeck, Germany
Best Neighbourhood Center – Borgo Città Nuova, Alessandria, Italy
Best European Urban Plaza – Plaza del Juncal, Irun, Spain
Best New Garden-City – Heulebrug, Knokke-Heist, Belgium
Best Urban District – Akroken Campus, Sundsval, Sweden

Details of all project can be found here.

(source: A vision of Europe, cool town studios)

2 responses to “The best new neighborhoods in europe

  1. I had a look on the website and the two criteria were
    – organically fit within the traditional urban morphology of the city
    – present an architecture that improves and enriches the regional character
    However, I would have liked to see the words “green”, “sustainable” along the lines somewhere.

  2. I completely agree with you! I think the new developments should focus both on urban morphology and sustainability. In this field, lots of work is still to do!

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