Lausanne metro: new ticket office opens

The opening of Lausanne metro line 2 gets closer and closer, and the first buildings related to the new line are already opening. On August 4, the new ticket office (designed by Merlini & Ventura architects) opened in the station Flon, where a connection with the existing M1 and LEB lines will be provided.

The new ticket office, as seen from the roof of the existing M1 station. The square (place de l’Europe) in which the station is located is organized on two levels, and almost all the surrounding building include elevators or walkways in order to let people pass from one part of the square to another.

The Grand Pont, with Lausanne Cathedral in the background, as seen from the roof of the existing M1 station.

The new ticket office, from the Grand Pont.

And from the arches of the Grand Pont. The office’s roof is covered with grass.

The ticket office is aligned to the surrounding buildings: the LEB station and the Flon district.

The LEB station and the Flon district

The Flon District, continuing the previous alignment.

The entrance of the new ticket office and to M2 line.

the entrance of the M2 line.

The entrance of the LEB.

On the left, the entrance of the M2. Straight on, the entrance of the M1 (the station is being refurbished), on the right, the entrance of the LEB. the three lines also are connected by underground walkways.

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