Flexible housing

Your son is getting older and wants a home of his own?

You are starting a new business and need some space to work and receive clients, but cannot afford to rent a proper office?

You like flatsharing but still want your privacy?

Flexible housing can be the solution!

Here are some examples (from Cool Town Studios)

The new American dream, an office full of employees by day that transforms into a home by night.

Art gallery by day, home by night, thanks to:
– A revolving wall/door that separates the main gallery/workplace from the private section of the house by day, opens it up by night.
Moving panels that hide your, ahem, flat-panel TV, in not one, but two ways.
– A convertible client couch that transforms into a guest bed.

Condos with built-in rental suites:
Here are some of his key factors for success:
1. A separate door to the corridor, or the outside;
2. Pre-wiring and possible venting for the small kitchen area, which can be located in a closet;
3. Very nominal parking requirements for the ‘secondary suite’. If a normal parking requirement is applied, it won’t work. We agreed to 1 space for every 4 units;
4. Some common laundry facilities in the buildings, since these units, unlike most others we build around here, do not have ‘in-suite’ facilities.”

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