Lausanne metro line 2: finally open!

This morning, Lausanne Metro line 2 has finally open to the public. To celebrate the event, here are some photos of the line:

Lausanne-Flon: signs pointing to the platforms

Lausanne-Flon: altough they belong to different companies, all the lines converging in Lausanne-Flon are announced with similar signs.

Lausanne-Flon. Lausanne Metro’s colors scheme: Blue – Yellow – Magenta.

Lausanne-Flon: platform screen dors

train leaving from Lausanne-Flon

Lausanne-Gare: the entrance, with the new logo

Grancy: elevators

train leaving from Grancy

Ouchy: bike signs pointing to the station

Ouchy station, dating from 1906

Old and new in Ouchy

Ouchy: metro-bus-boat interchange

Ouchy: the port, seen from the station

Ouchy: trains ready to leave

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