New shopping area opens in downtown Lausanne


On November 26th, a new shopping area has opened in the Flon area in downtown Lausanne. The new complex includes a supermarket (Migros) and some smaller shops, and is located close to Lausanne-Flon subway station (lines M1, M2 and LEB), making it a perfect example of Transit-Oriented-Development.

With the opening of the new complex, Flon area turns into a major commercial-entertaining-business center at the scale of the entire Lausanne-Morges metro area.

(source: 24heures)

2 responses to “New shopping area opens in downtown Lausanne

  1. Cool! I’m hoping to go check this out on Saturday.

    Marco, what’s the story with the Flon’s history and current state? (I heard it used to be a pretty seedy part of town.) Do you have insight into the development of the Flon in recent years?

  2. The Flon has a quite intresting story: A deep valley, covered in 1873 with the land excavated during the first construction of the M2 (la Ficelle), hosted the first two swiss skyscrapers (maison Mercier and Tour Bel-Air), then it became an industrial area in the very center of Lausanne, and now a shopping-entertainment area…

    In the next days I’ll publish an article covering its history.

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