Urban Beaches

Summer approaches, time to pack our stuff, fill our car and leave for a long long trip, that wil take us, after several hours, to a nice beach very far away…

(image: wikipedia)

Or maybe not. Why do we have to travel so much to find a place that makes us feel good? There is another solution, cheaper and nicer, that can change our town in a tropical island: the Urban Beach.

Close one of the main streets to cars, fill it with sand, put deck chairs all around, add a swimming pool and some bars serving cocktails and the job is done!

(image: flickr)

The most famous urban beach was for sure Paris, with its Paris-Plages, but now the idea is spreading all around: Vevey- Plage, Flon-Plage in Lausanne, Trop’yc in Crans-Montana

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4 responses to “Urban Beaches

  1. I love what they do in Paris, what a fun idea. Though, an idea that I’m unfortunately sure has U.S. traffic engineers saying ‘you wannna do what?’

  2. The U.S. are making big efforts too: an example above all, New York’s pedestrianization of times square! In this case, what happened with traffic engineers? Did they agree with the intervention, or simply the authorities didn’t follow their advices?

  3. Thats right, the solution in Paris is fantastic, love it !

  4. Paris is the best ;-) Yaay !

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