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Transit Art: CEVA

Here in Switzerland, the ultimate decision on infrastructure and urban planning comes from people, so a good communication campaign is essential in order to promote a project. So, public administrations always put a big effort on promotion and communication, as in the case of CEVA, the new underground link between the Swiss and French railway networks in Geneva. In order to promote CEVA, the State of Geneva  has commissioned a series of video to student of Geneva Applied Art School. The results can be seen here.

(source: les urbanités)

Transit Art: Transformers

Mobility week is almost over: for ten days, walking, cycling and public transport have been the main topic of a long list of events in Lausanne. One of the event of this week was the shooting of Transformers 02, by NOTsoNOISY and Retrobus:

inflatable street art

After having become famous for blowing up Marilyn Monroe skirt, subway air grates come again, this time to give birth to Joshua allen Harris’s works of art.  in normal conditions, Harris’s artworks seems to be just garbage left on the road,  but when a subway train pass under the grate, air blows up and turns them into living  sculptures!

(Sources: the Hollywood News, Urban Prankster, Le Flambeau)