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Nightlife in Nyon

One of the things that make the difference between a suburb and a downtown is the presence of great third places: bars, cafés, pubs, discos, places to hang out and meet new people, establish new connections and put some serendipity in your life. Living in Geneva or Lausanne gives you access to lots of third places, but not all towns may give you the same possibility. “Living in Nyon” has listed an useful list of third places in Nyon, here is their list:

Les Brasseurs a pub (micro brewery) in the centre of town that also serves food. Try their “flammenkueche” sort of a cross betwen a thin pizza and a quiche. Their hamburgers are good too. Popular with a young crowd at the weekend.

Differenciels (see my favourites, cafés and restaurants)

Quai 23 a bar near the lake that serves pasta and pizzas. (No website, this link is to the tourist board site with details)

The Fisherman’s Pub seems to attract the expats and the sports fans to watch matches on their widescreen TV.

Usine à Gaz is a club with live music almost every weekend from rock to reggae to rap.

Chez Odette” A basement wine bar in the old town

“L’After” A Nightclub near the lake (I’ve never been, so can’t report back on this place)

There is also a social singles networking club called Glocals with its own website. This is for the whole of the Lake Geneva area. It was launched a while ago and seems to be successful as they organise lots of events and parties throughout the year with some events in Nyon.

Amaro Ramazzotti: the celebration of Urban Life

I read today some posts about Milan (here, here and here), and my mind came back to one of the most famous ads who celebrated urban life. The scene is in Milan, but it could easily be New York, Paris or any  other global city.

(sources: Jane Jacobs, Nazione Indiana, GaWK, spot80)

Downtown review: Morges

With its 15.000 inhabitants, Morges is growing up as a major downtown in Lausanne metropolitan area. Its position, next to Lausanne and Lausanne University, and the developping opportunities, make the town an interesting place in which to relocate and to invest.


Morges lies on the shores of Lake Geneva, and offers lots of different possibilities for excursions, both on the lakeside and on the mountains. A good pedestrian and bicycle network provides lots of different paths for walks and hikes.


Morges has a major railway station, with trains to Geneva (4 trains/hour), Lausanne (5 trains/hour), Vevey-Montreux (3 trains/hour) and Yverdon-les-bains, Neuchatêl and Bienne (1 train/hour). Buses linkthe city center with its suburbs and the university.

A good and cheap car rental service is provided by Mobility.


Morges has a very nice and lively city center, with a pedestrian street, a waterfront parallel to it, and a serie of boulevard all around.

The pedestrian street:

The waterfront, with a view of Lausanne:

and the boulevard which runs all around the center:

HOUSING (first places)

In the city center, lots of houses are being renovated, offering lots of modern houses in a vibrant and well connected area.

WORKPLACES (second places)

Four areas are designated to host enterprises and workplaces. Of these four area, one is just in the city center and hosts the headquarters of Logitech, while two of the others are connected by train (1 train/hour) to the city center and to Lausanne.


The center is full of shops, museums, restaurants and shopping centers (Manor, Migros), and hosts lots of events, like:

la grande table (at the end of may)

Morges-sous-rire (end of may, beginning of june)

guided tours, provided by ASM (every Friday at 2:30 PM, every Tuesday, at 10:00 AM, departure from the Tourist Office)

Nightlife in Morges is not so much developped, but Lausanne is just 10 mins away. Trains between Lausanne and Morges run from 5.30 to 1.00 (Morges to Lausanne) and from 4.30 to 0.20 (Lausanne to Morges).  On friday and Saturday night, more trains (at 0.48 and 1.14 from lausanne to Morges, at 1.52 and at 2.00 from Morges to Lausanne) and buses (at 2.00 and 3.45 from Lausanne to Morges) are provided. Plans and timetables of nightbus and night trains are here and here.

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