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David Byrne’s bike racks

(source: creative class)

bikes for all needs

(video: conference bike)

As car sales dop and bike sales skyrocket, more and more bike models are launched. After the conference bike and the pedal pub, it’s time for family bikes! Here’s a list of the most interesting ones (tips on other models are always welcome):

Bella bike

The Dutch Bike Factory

De Fiets Fabriek

Trio bike


(sources: carectomy, copenhagenize, springwise)

bike sharing grows more and more

Some days ago I was wariting about bike sharing in Lausanne. Now, things are evolving fastly, and more and more cities are implementing a bike sharing program.

so, let’s make a list of bike sharing services all over the world:






New York





Tulsa (Oklahoma)


informations about other cities are more than welcome!

updates will appear on the dedicated page.

(sources: roma pedala, streetsblog)

Sunday street in Bogotà: la Ciclovia

Once famous just for its internal wars, Colombia is experiencing big changes in its architectural and social life. In its capital, Bogotà, quality of life has improved dramatically in the last years: one of the examples of this improvements is Bogotà’s sunday street, the famous “Ciclovia”.

(source: streetfilms)

Bike sharing: Lausanne

If you are in Lausanne and you need a bike, you can ask to Lausanne Roule. 3 stations are available, in Lausanne (under the Grand Pont), Renens (Railway Station) and Vevey (Railway Station). Bikes are given for free (a deposit of 20 CHF or 20 EUR is asked) for the first day (from 7.30 AM to 9.30 PM), then a fare of 1 CHF per hour is demanded. Bikes can be taken in one station and returned in another, but if this transfer involves Vevey station, an additional 10 CHF are required.

Bikes can be taken on Lausanne buses and metro and CFF trains. An additional ticket is required.

(sources: Lausanne Roule, TL, CFF)

Learning from Copenhagen

In the 60’s, Copenhagen started an ambitious plan to improve cycling and walking. When the inhabitants were asked about the plan, they were skeptical…”we’re not Italians, we don’t have walking culture”. 50 years later, Italy is overwhelmed by car culture and Copenhagen has become a model for biking and walking…

(source: streetsblog)

New York Times forgets bike parking

Riding a bike is a pleasant, cheap and environmentally friendly way to move around the city, but has its own things to worry about. One of the main issues is parking your bike in a safe way.

A good solution would be providing indoor (and controlled) bike parking, an option that architects and developper often forget. New York Times didn’t escape from this mistake, and built a a brand new, energy-saving building, but without a bike parking.

NYT employees had to fight hard for their right to bike to work… you can read all the story here.

(source: streetsblog)

sheer cycling pleasure

Yesterday we saw an example of transit pleasure, today it’s time for cycling pleasure.

As we can see, every form of transportation has its own fun!

(source: copenhagen cycle chic)

Sunday street

If your town is still not able to match the criteria for a successful pedestrian street, another option is the Sunday street.

1) Choose a street long enough to be covered by bike in about 45 mins. (3 to 6 km)

2) Close the street for a day (Sunday)

3) Advertise the event in order to catch the maximum of people

4) Provide events all along the road

…and it’s done!

here’s an example from Portland (source: bikeportland.org):

and here an example from Lausanne: