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Mixed-use Suburbs

Some days ago, at the conference “desperate houses” at the EPFL, I heard about a  research, realized by the architectural firm Raumbureau, saying that, in the suburbs, around 1 over 5 houses is refurbished as office space.

If this tendence goes on:

  • Little by little, suburbs will become true villages with offices, shops, post offices, sall hospitals… (a similar project was shown at the conference),
  • Density is not the only solution to urban sprawl, other solutions (much more “open source”) are available,
  • The houses in Aigle, which I saw some days ago, can become something really interesting in a few years!


Mobility Week – 18 to 28 september 2008

(video: transformers 01 by NOTsoNOISY)

From 18 to 28 september 2008, Lausanne will host the Mobility Week. Lausanne public transports’ network will turn itself in a big show:

– Metro Line 2 will be open from 18 to 21 September, from 15h30 to 20h00 on the first day, from 10h00 to 20h00 on the other days. All stations will be open, except Delices, Bessieres and Fourmi. More info here.

– Another “Metro”, normally closed, will be open on Saturday 20: the railway tunnel between Renens and Sallaz, normally used only by freight trains will be open to passenger trains. Departures from Renens at .00 from 9h00 to 16h00 and from Sallaz at .30 from 9h30 to 16h30. More info here.

– On september 20, 21, 22, 27 and 28, the new RER trains will run between Lausanne and Cully and between Lausanne and Vevey.

On september 20, 21, 27 and 28: Departures from Lausanne (track 5 or 6) to Cully at .26 and .56 from 10h26 to 18h26. Departures from Cully to Lausanne at .11 and .41 from 10h41 to 18h41.

On september 22: Departures from Lausanne (track 9) to Vevey at .56 from 9h56 to 15h56. Departures from Vevey to Lausanne at .33 from 10h33 to 16h33. More info here.

Other events are scheduled along these days. Conferences, guided tours seminars are available here, while concerts and parties will be available here.

(sources: ville de Lausanne, semaine de la mobilité, TL, CFF, 24heures, Label Suisse)

Lake parade

Last saturday, the city of Geneva turned into an immense disco for the lake parade! From 4PM to 3AM, 250,000 people danced and had fun on geneva lakeside.

For those who missed it, meeting point in Zurich for the street parade!!!

(source: 20 minutes)

Sunday street in Bogotà: la Ciclovia

Once famous just for its internal wars, Colombia is experiencing big changes in its architectural and social life. In its capital, Bogotà, quality of life has improved dramatically in the last years: one of the examples of this improvements is Bogotà’s sunday street, the famous “Ciclovia”.

(source: streetfilms)

Downtown review: Morges

With its 15.000 inhabitants, Morges is growing up as a major downtown in Lausanne metropolitan area. Its position, next to Lausanne and Lausanne University, and the developping opportunities, make the town an interesting place in which to relocate and to invest.


Morges lies on the shores of Lake Geneva, and offers lots of different possibilities for excursions, both on the lakeside and on the mountains. A good pedestrian and bicycle network provides lots of different paths for walks and hikes.


Morges has a major railway station, with trains to Geneva (4 trains/hour), Lausanne (5 trains/hour), Vevey-Montreux (3 trains/hour) and Yverdon-les-bains, Neuchatêl and Bienne (1 train/hour). Buses linkthe city center with its suburbs and the university.

A good and cheap car rental service is provided by Mobility.


Morges has a very nice and lively city center, with a pedestrian street, a waterfront parallel to it, and a serie of boulevard all around.

The pedestrian street:

The waterfront, with a view of Lausanne:

and the boulevard which runs all around the center:

HOUSING (first places)

In the city center, lots of houses are being renovated, offering lots of modern houses in a vibrant and well connected area.

WORKPLACES (second places)

Four areas are designated to host enterprises and workplaces. Of these four area, one is just in the city center and hosts the headquarters of Logitech, while two of the others are connected by train (1 train/hour) to the city center and to Lausanne.


The center is full of shops, museums, restaurants and shopping centers (Manor, Migros), and hosts lots of events, like:

la grande table (at the end of may)

Morges-sous-rire (end of may, beginning of june)

guided tours, provided by ASM (every Friday at 2:30 PM, every Tuesday, at 10:00 AM, departure from the Tourist Office)

Nightlife in Morges is not so much developped, but Lausanne is just 10 mins away. Trains between Lausanne and Morges run from 5.30 to 1.00 (Morges to Lausanne) and from 4.30 to 0.20 (Lausanne to Morges).  On friday and Saturday night, more trains (at 0.48 and 1.14 from lausanne to Morges, at 1.52 and at 2.00 from Morges to Lausanne) and buses (at 2.00 and 3.45 from Lausanne to Morges) are provided. Plans and timetables of nightbus and night trains are here and here.

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Free hugs campaign: the best example of the Flash Mob test

This video shows a classic of flash mobs, the Free Hugs Campaign, and shows us how the flash mob test reveals the different visions of public space carried by different actors: police officers viewed it just as a circulation space, while users viewed it as a place to meet and as an informal stage. It’s interesting to see how people were likely to defend  meeting space status when it was questioned by police officers.

(source: free hugs campaign)

dancing flash mob

Here is another example of flash mob, from various locations around the world.

(source: where the hell is matt?, urban prankster)

Commuter party on the train back home

For the last three years, Noemie commuted by train from Lausanne to Geneva everyday. Yesterday she took a new job in Lausanne and celebrated her last day as a commuter with a party on the train back home.  She reserved the last carriage of  the 18.45 train and invited all her travelmates to buy a drink and reach her for the party. Once the train reached Lausanne the party went on in the station restaurant. The direction of the railway company agreed to allow Noemie to organize the party, and wishes her good luck for her new job.

Turning transit rides into something sexy is not so difficult. You just have to listen users ideas!

(source: 20 minutes)

Sheer transit pleasure

(video: BMW commercial – note the “sheer driving pleasure” logo at the end)

(photo:”Is it not time for a change?” by green idea factory)

Public transport has always been seen as the poor alternative to cars. While cars are always pictured as a way to get pleasure and new sensations,  public transports are always seen as a way to go from a point to another, just trying to limit as much as possible the problems that come from the travel itself.

But another image of public transports is possible.

First of all, a special train or bus can be reserved for a special event.

(video: MAD train)

Examples are:

– a travelling disco;

– a travelling restaurant,

– a travelling deluxe hotel.

Another option (which I consider much more interesting) turns around the “sheer pleasure” of travelling by public transports.

(photo via flickr)

several possibilities are still open in this fields:

Panoramic trains along a scenic route

Special buses on an ordinary line

– or just allowing people to organize a party on a commuter train

Events on a pedestrian street: the flash mob test

A well designed pedestrian street can host lots of different events. There can be official events, sponsored by the city hall, and improvised events, organized by street users. An example of unofficial event is the flash mob:

(video: thierryweber.com)

A Flash mob is a good test to check the status of a space. If the space allows flash mobs, it can be considered a truly public space.

(video: improv everywhere)