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sheer transit pleasure: historical trains

(photo via flickr)

One of the nice surprises you can find while riding public transports, is finding yourself into a special, historical train. Ancient rolling stock, old fashioned staff, special festive ambiance… in a while, the trip loses its tmosphere of boring daily commute and turns itself into an improvised party: everybody starts to talk, new friendships are made…

In Paris, an historical subway train travels on line 10 from time to time. you can check the timetables here.

In Lusanne, two historical buses travel throughout the city on sunday afternoon. No fixed timetables are published, finding one of these buses must be a surprise!!!



(sources: metro pole, retrobus)

Lake parade

Last saturday, the city of Geneva turned into an immense disco for the lake parade! From 4PM to 3AM, 250,000 people danced and had fun on geneva lakeside.

For those who missed it, meeting point in Zurich for the street parade!!!

(source: 20 minutes)

sheer cycling pleasure

Yesterday we saw an example of transit pleasure, today it’s time for cycling pleasure.

As we can see, every form of transportation has its own fun!

(source: copenhagen cycle chic)

Commuter party on the train back home

For the last three years, Noemie commuted by train from Lausanne to Geneva everyday. Yesterday she took a new job in Lausanne and celebrated her last day as a commuter with a party on the train back home.  She reserved the last carriage of  the 18.45 train and invited all her travelmates to buy a drink and reach her for the party. Once the train reached Lausanne the party went on in the station restaurant. The direction of the railway company agreed to allow Noemie to organize the party, and wishes her good luck for her new job.

Turning transit rides into something sexy is not so difficult. You just have to listen users ideas!

(source: 20 minutes)

Sheer transit pleasure

(video: BMW commercial – note the “sheer driving pleasure” logo at the end)

(photo:”Is it not time for a change?” by green idea factory)

Public transport has always been seen as the poor alternative to cars. While cars are always pictured as a way to get pleasure and new sensations,  public transports are always seen as a way to go from a point to another, just trying to limit as much as possible the problems that come from the travel itself.

But another image of public transports is possible.

First of all, a special train or bus can be reserved for a special event.

(video: MAD train)

Examples are:

– a travelling disco;

– a travelling restaurant,

– a travelling deluxe hotel.

Another option (which I consider much more interesting) turns around the “sheer pleasure” of travelling by public transports.

(photo via flickr)

several possibilities are still open in this fields:

Panoramic trains along a scenic route

Special buses on an ordinary line

– or just allowing people to organize a party on a commuter train

Events on a pedestrian street: the flash mob test

A well designed pedestrian street can host lots of different events. There can be official events, sponsored by the city hall, and improvised events, organized by street users. An example of unofficial event is the flash mob:

(video: thierryweber.com)

A Flash mob is a good test to check the status of a space. If the space allows flash mobs, it can be considered a truly public space.

(video: improv everywhere)