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Transit Art: CEVA

Here in Switzerland, the ultimate decision on infrastructure and urban planning comes from people, so a good communication campaign is essential in order to promote a project. So, public administrations always put a big effort on promotion and communication, as in the case of CEVA, the new underground link between the Swiss and French railway networks in Geneva. In order to promote CEVA, the State of Geneva  has commissioned a series of video to student of Geneva Applied Art School. The results can be seen here.

(source: les urbanités)

Lake Geneva region goes metropolitan

(image: wikimedia commons)

Lake Geneva region is turning little by little into a big metropolis, spreading for about 100 km from Geneva to Montreux. Having all the qualities creatives look for, the region is attracting more and more people and enterprises, and is becoming a key place for high-level jobs.

And little by little, the different areas of this 100-km metropolis are specializing.

Geneva and Lausanne are preferred by young, single professionals, who need to be “where things happen” and don’t have problems in living in a 25 mq apartment.

Nyon is preferred by people with a family and a fixed job, looking for a bigger house within a 20-minutes commute from Geneva or Lausanne.

The area between Geneva and Lausanne (la côte) is preferred by enterprises, which can have lot of space to implant their campus.

The area between Vevey and Montreux (the Swiss Riviera) is preferred by retired people, mainly because of its mild climate and its natural resources.

(source: 24 heures, swisster)

How to create a private space without using fences

This image (Geneva, square Pradier, via Microsoft Virtual Earth) shows how to create a calm square and give privacy to a block without using fences or corner buildings. The four external building act as a screen and separate the square from the through traffic of the surrounding roads. Access to the backside of the external buildings is still possible by two straight alleys that run behind the external buildings. The two internal buildings separate these alleys from the central square: to reach the square from the exterior of the block, two turn are always necessary, one from the surrounding roads to the alleys, and a second one from the alley to the square.

bike sharing grows more and more

Some days ago I was wariting about bike sharing in Lausanne. Now, things are evolving fastly, and more and more cities are implementing a bike sharing program.

so, let’s make a list of bike sharing services all over the world:






New York





Tulsa (Oklahoma)


informations about other cities are more than welcome!

updates will appear on the dedicated page.

(sources: roma pedala, streetsblog)

Lake parade

Last saturday, the city of Geneva turned into an immense disco for the lake parade! From 4PM to 3AM, 250,000 people danced and had fun on geneva lakeside.

For those who missed it, meeting point in Zurich for the street parade!!!

(source: 20 minutes)