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Lausanne Dimanche

These days, lots of people have asked me for addresses and ideas for sunday and evening shopping. And so, here is the list: Lausanne Dimanche

New bus network in Lausanne


(image: wikimedia commons)

From Sunday december 14,  the new bus network will be operational in Lausanne.  The main changes will be:

  • Lines 5,6 and 45 will be suppressed or re-routed in oder to avoid superopsitions with the metro,
  • Lines 4,6 and 15 will be merged into the new lines 4 and 6,
  • New line 21 will connect Blécherette and the railway station, passing through Beaulieu and Chauderon,
  • New line 22 will connect Clochatte and Flon, passing through  Rue Centrale and Rue Saint-Martin,
  • New line 25 will connect all the southern districts, from Pully to Bourdonnette,
  • Regional lines 60, 62 and 65 will terminate near metro station of Flon, Croisettes and Sallaz.

New network plans can be downloaded here and here.

(source: TL)

New shopping area opens in downtown Lausanne


On November 26th, a new shopping area has opened in the Flon area in downtown Lausanne. The new complex includes a supermarket (Migros) and some smaller shops, and is located close to Lausanne-Flon subway station (lines M1, M2 and LEB), making it a perfect example of Transit-Oriented-Development.

With the opening of the new complex, Flon area turns into a major commercial-entertaining-business center at the scale of the entire Lausanne-Morges metro area.

(source: 24heures)

Lausanne Metro line 2, before the reconstruction works

For all who wonder how Lausanne Metro line 2 was before the works, here it is:

Lausanne metro line 2: finally open!

This morning, Lausanne Metro line 2 has finally open to the public. To celebrate the event, here are some photos of the line:

Lausanne-Flon: signs pointing to the platforms

Lausanne-Flon: altough they belong to different companies, all the lines converging in Lausanne-Flon are announced with similar signs.

Lausanne-Flon. Lausanne Metro’s colors scheme: Blue – Yellow – Magenta.

Lausanne-Flon: platform screen dors

train leaving from Lausanne-Flon

Lausanne-Gare: the entrance, with the new logo

Grancy: elevators

train leaving from Grancy

Ouchy: bike signs pointing to the station

Ouchy station, dating from 1906

Old and new in Ouchy

Ouchy: metro-bus-boat interchange

Ouchy: the port, seen from the station

Ouchy: trains ready to leave

Lausanne Metro line 2: commercial service will start next monday

It’s official: Lausanne Metro line 2 will open next Monday,  October 27, 2008. Line Métrobus will be discontinued, all the other lines will not be changed until December 14.

All the info here and here.

(source: 24Heures)

Unofficial map of Lausanne and Vaud nightbus: Somnambule

In Vaud, public transport is organized around several companies, each one with its own website, its own design, its own line numbering criteria. During the day, a centralized bus and train schedule and fare system allow users to organize their trips without many inconvenients, but during the night (between midnight and 4AM), things become more difficult: some companies ask for a night surcharge, some other turn their lines into an on-demand service, and all these changes turn a night trip through Vaud into a treasure hunt.

To compensate the lack of informations in nightbus services, CITraP-Vaud has recently launched Somnambule, a complete listing of all bus and trains which run in Vaud between midnight and 4AM. Choose the area in which you want to travel and you’ll have the complete list of all company which operate night bus/train services, all the needed tickets and surcharges and all the bus/trains timetables.

A coworking space starts in Lausanne

Imagine a place in which you can have all comforts of your own house, the sociability of a café, the synergies of an office… a place like this exists, and it’s called coworking.

And finally, it has arrived to Lausanne.

From the 5th of november, Espace Coworking Lausanne will offer office spaces in a friendly, café-like atmosphere. People from different environments will work over there, meet, exchange interesting ideas, and maybe create the invention that will change the world…

if you wish to be part of this community, see you on http://eclau.ch!

Transit Art: Transformers

Mobility week is almost over: for ten days, walking, cycling and public transport have been the main topic of a long list of events in Lausanne. One of the event of this week was the shooting of Transformers 02, by NOTsoNOISY and Retrobus:

Lausanne metro line 2 (Le Temps)

The opening of Lausanne Metro line 2, by Marco Danesi (Le Temps)

source: domaine public