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New bus network in Lausanne


(image: wikimedia commons)

From Sunday december 14,  the new bus network will be operational in Lausanne.  The main changes will be:

  • Lines 5,6 and 45 will be suppressed or re-routed in oder to avoid superopsitions with the metro,
  • Lines 4,6 and 15 will be merged into the new lines 4 and 6,
  • New line 21 will connect Blécherette and the railway station, passing through Beaulieu and Chauderon,
  • New line 22 will connect Clochatte and Flon, passing through  Rue Centrale and Rue Saint-Martin,
  • New line 25 will connect all the southern districts, from Pully to Bourdonnette,
  • Regional lines 60, 62 and 65 will terminate near metro station of Flon, Croisettes and Sallaz.

New network plans can be downloaded here and here.

(source: TL)

Lausanne Metro line 2, before the reconstruction works

For all who wonder how Lausanne Metro line 2 was before the works, here it is:

Lausanne metro line 2: finally open!

This morning, Lausanne Metro line 2 has finally open to the public. To celebrate the event, here are some photos of the line:

Lausanne-Flon: signs pointing to the platforms

Lausanne-Flon: altough they belong to different companies, all the lines converging in Lausanne-Flon are announced with similar signs.

Lausanne-Flon. Lausanne Metro’s colors scheme: Blue – Yellow – Magenta.

Lausanne-Flon: platform screen dors

train leaving from Lausanne-Flon

Lausanne-Gare: the entrance, with the new logo

Grancy: elevators

train leaving from Grancy

Ouchy: bike signs pointing to the station

Ouchy station, dating from 1906

Old and new in Ouchy

Ouchy: metro-bus-boat interchange

Ouchy: the port, seen from the station

Ouchy: trains ready to leave

Lausanne Metro line 2: commercial service will start next monday

It’s official: Lausanne Metro line 2 will open next Monday,  October 27, 2008. Line Métrobus will be discontinued, all the other lines will not be changed until December 14.

All the info here and here.

(source: 24Heures)

Paris RER E vs. Rome Metro B: same spaces, different comfort

Following a discussion about Rome Metro, I found a comapraison between Rome B line and Washington Metro. According to different surveys, Rome Metro is considered one of the most unwelcoming ones: in order to change its perception, lots of long and expensive plans are currently going to improve comfort (see here and here). Anyway, some cheaper and easier interventions could improve passengers’ comfort with less time and less money.

Let’s look for example at Paris RER E.

The current terminus, Haussmann-Saint Lazare:

The following station, Magenta:

And now, let’s look at Rome metro, Line B, Station “Termini”:

Paris RER and rome Metro’s architecture are basically the same: a big vaulted space, including both directions’s track and platform, and smaller vaulted spaces, hosting escalators. Anyway, small differences change dramatically the place’s perception:

  • Paris RER uses strong and warm lights, which are able to give a feeling of “home”, while Rome Metro uses standard neons, which give a general sense of coldness
  • Paris RER integrates station names into the station’s architecture, while Rome Metro uses standard signs in every stations
  • Paris RER integrates different materials in a global design, while in Rome Metro each intervention follows its own concept without integrating with the rest of the environment.

An intervention on Rome Metro could include:

  • A new lighting concept, which would emphatize the architectural structure of the station,
  • New floor and wall tiles,
  • A new lettering and signage concept.

(source of all images: wikipedia)

Transit Art: CEVA

Here in Switzerland, the ultimate decision on infrastructure and urban planning comes from people, so a good communication campaign is essential in order to promote a project. So, public administrations always put a big effort on promotion and communication, as in the case of CEVA, the new underground link between the Swiss and French railway networks in Geneva. In order to promote CEVA, the State of Geneva  has commissioned a series of video to student of Geneva Applied Art School. The results can be seen here.

(source: les urbanités)

Lausanne metro line 2 (Le Temps)

The opening of Lausanne Metro line 2, by Marco Danesi (Le Temps)

source: domaine public

Lausanne Metro line 2: it’s open!

Voila! Since last Thursday (and till Sunday, since the last tests will go on till the final opening on october 27), Lausanne Metro line 2 is open:

Here is the official video from TVRL

And here, the complete video of the trip, by skylop:

Mobility Week – 18 to 28 september 2008

(video: transformers 01 by NOTsoNOISY)

From 18 to 28 september 2008, Lausanne will host the Mobility Week. Lausanne public transports’ network will turn itself in a big show:

– Metro Line 2 will be open from 18 to 21 September, from 15h30 to 20h00 on the first day, from 10h00 to 20h00 on the other days. All stations will be open, except Delices, Bessieres and Fourmi. More info here.

– Another “Metro”, normally closed, will be open on Saturday 20: the railway tunnel between Renens and Sallaz, normally used only by freight trains will be open to passenger trains. Departures from Renens at .00 from 9h00 to 16h00 and from Sallaz at .30 from 9h30 to 16h30. More info here.

– On september 20, 21, 22, 27 and 28, the new RER trains will run between Lausanne and Cully and between Lausanne and Vevey.

On september 20, 21, 27 and 28: Departures from Lausanne (track 5 or 6) to Cully at .26 and .56 from 10h26 to 18h26. Departures from Cully to Lausanne at .11 and .41 from 10h41 to 18h41.

On september 22: Departures from Lausanne (track 9) to Vevey at .56 from 9h56 to 15h56. Departures from Vevey to Lausanne at .33 from 10h33 to 16h33. More info here.

Other events are scheduled along these days. Conferences, guided tours seminars are available here, while concerts and parties will be available here.

(sources: ville de Lausanne, semaine de la mobilité, TL, CFF, 24heures, Label Suisse)

Lausanne Metro line 2 will open on October 27

It will open on September 18. Then close again on September 22. Then open again on October 27.

Finally, the dates of opening of lausanne metro line 2 have been published. The official document can be found here.

(source: 24 heures)