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First we kill the architects…

(source: new york times)

bike sharing grows more and more

Some days ago I was wariting about bike sharing in Lausanne. Now, things are evolving fastly, and more and more cities are implementing a bike sharing program.

so, let’s make a list of bike sharing services all over the world:






New York





Tulsa (Oklahoma)


informations about other cities are more than welcome!

updates will appear on the dedicated page.

(sources: roma pedala, streetsblog)

inflatable street art

After having become famous for blowing up Marilyn Monroe skirt, subway air grates come again, this time to give birth to Joshua allen Harris’s works of art.  in normal conditions, Harris’s artworks seems to be just garbage left on the road,  but when a subway train pass under the grate, air blows up and turns them into living  sculptures!

(Sources: the Hollywood News, Urban Prankster, Le Flambeau)

New York Times forgets bike parking

Riding a bike is a pleasant, cheap and environmentally friendly way to move around the city, but has its own things to worry about. One of the main issues is parking your bike in a safe way.

A good solution would be providing indoor (and controlled) bike parking, an option that architects and developper often forget. New York Times didn’t escape from this mistake, and built a a brand new, energy-saving building, but without a bike parking.

NYT employees had to fight hard for their right to bike to work… you can read all the story here.

(source: streetsblog)