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Paris RER E vs. Rome Metro B: same spaces, different comfort

Following a discussion about Rome Metro, I found a comapraison between Rome B line and Washington Metro. According to different surveys, Rome Metro is considered one of the most unwelcoming ones: in order to change its perception, lots of long and expensive plans are currently going to improve comfort (see here and here). Anyway, some cheaper and easier interventions could improve passengers’ comfort with less time and less money.

Let’s look for example at Paris RER E.

The current terminus, Haussmann-Saint Lazare:

The following station, Magenta:

And now, let’s look at Rome metro, Line B, Station “Termini”:

Paris RER and rome Metro’s architecture are basically the same: a big vaulted space, including both directions’s track and platform, and smaller vaulted spaces, hosting escalators. Anyway, small differences change dramatically the place’s perception:

  • Paris RER uses strong and warm lights, which are able to give a feeling of “home”, while Rome Metro uses standard neons, which give a general sense of coldness
  • Paris RER integrates station names into the station’s architecture, while Rome Metro uses standard signs in every stations
  • Paris RER integrates different materials in a global design, while in Rome Metro each intervention follows its own concept without integrating with the rest of the environment.

An intervention on Rome Metro could include:

  • A new lighting concept, which would emphatize the architectural structure of the station,
  • New floor and wall tiles,
  • A new lettering and signage concept.

(source of all images: wikipedia)

protection against the motorway noise: Croisset Student House

The Croisset Student House is a good example of how to protect a building from the noise of a motorway and give at the same time a public image to the building.

The complex is made of 3 residential blocks, oriented perpendicularly to the motorway, and a continuous screen which runs between the blocks and the motorway. The screen is made by two 30 cm walls, separated by a 3 meters void, which contains the stairways and elevators.

Photos of this building can be found here, and a video can be found here.

(source: architecture studio)

sheer transit pleasure: historical trains

(photo via flickr)

One of the nice surprises you can find while riding public transports, is finding yourself into a special, historical train. Ancient rolling stock, old fashioned staff, special festive ambiance… in a while, the trip loses its tmosphere of boring daily commute and turns itself into an improvised party: everybody starts to talk, new friendships are made…

In Paris, an historical subway train travels on line 10 from time to time. you can check the timetables here.

In Lusanne, two historical buses travel throughout the city on sunday afternoon. No fixed timetables are published, finding one of these buses must be a surprise!!!



(sources: metro pole, retrobus)

bike sharing grows more and more

Some days ago I was wariting about bike sharing in Lausanne. Now, things are evolving fastly, and more and more cities are implementing a bike sharing program.

so, let’s make a list of bike sharing services all over the world:






New York





Tulsa (Oklahoma)


informations about other cities are more than welcome!

updates will appear on the dedicated page.

(sources: roma pedala, streetsblog)