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Sunday street in Bogotà: la Ciclovia

Once famous just for its internal wars, Colombia is experiencing big changes in its architectural and social life. In its capital, Bogotà, quality of life has improved dramatically in the last years: one of the examples of this improvements is Bogotà’s sunday street, the famous “Ciclovia”.

(source: streetfilms)

cargo tram: the solution for deliveries within the city?

(image: wikipedia)

Cargo trams were born in Dresden, and, ironically, they were conceived in order to supply components to volkswagen car factory. And little by little the idea is spreading all over the world.  Wherever the narrow streets of a town are blocked by delivery trucks, cargo trams are seen as the solution.  Zürich has adopted cargo trams for collecting waste, and will new projects are being implemented in Amsterdam, and La-Chaux-de-Fonds.

La-Chaux-de-Fonds case is particularly interesting: with a population of just 37.000, it could be considered too small to justify a tramway infrastructure. But if we consider that the city has a major waste management plant, and that wastes are sent to La-Chaux-de-Fonds by train, then put on trucks for the last 2 km, everything makes more sense. The tramway infrastructure costs will be paid by the suppression of the truck service, and the city will have a tramway infrastructure almost for free.

(source: DVB, les urbanités, proaktiva.ch)

Sunday street

If your town is still not able to match the criteria for a successful pedestrian street, another option is the Sunday street.

1) Choose a street long enough to be covered by bike in about 45 mins. (3 to 6 km)

2) Close the street for a day (Sunday)

3) Advertise the event in order to catch the maximum of people

4) Provide events all along the road

…and it’s done!

here’s an example from Portland (source: bikeportland.org):

and here an example from Lausanne:

Car efficiency: just like light bulbs and washing machines

We are now used to check the energy efficiency label on washing machines and light bulbs. For all those who want to choose a car folowing the same principle, Touring Club Suisse published a guide, downloadable from here.

It’s intresting to note that, while almost all light bulbs or a washing machines that can be found in shops belong to class A or class B, lots of cars currently sold still belong to class G.

(source: travailler en suisse)

Gland slows down to 30 km/h

Halfway between Geneva and Lausanne, the city of Gland is experiencing a massive growth, which is changing the image of the town. Now, another step towards the transformation of the city in a full downtown is taking place. All the northern part of Gland will be traffic-calmed: car speed will be reduced to 30 km/h, and all the crossings will have priority on the right. Flower pots and alternate parking will be installed all along the roads.

Design of the urban furniture will be provided by students from ECAL.

An information session will take place in Gland,  Salle Polyvalente de Montoly, on wednesday June 25, 19h00.

(source: 24 Heures)